We Protect

Employees Protection

Employees and Staff are critical resource for business. We help you protect their Health, Life and wages; in case of any accident, disease, injury etc. Insurance company compensates the Employee. Removing the uncertain expenses from your Financial Statements.

Auto Insurance

Personal Mobility is critical to our life, business, leisure. Motor insurance has more than 20 elements. We identify the relevant combination for you. Saving on your expenses and assuring the personal mobility.

Business Insurance

It is essentially to protect the Promoters, Directors, CxOs of any errors, omission, contractual claims on product / services. The Insurance covers damages and legal expenses.

Travel Insurance

Travel is both Necessity and Luxury. Travel insurance protects from sudden losses due to Travel incidents, accidents or mistakes by Airlines. Covering for Injury, death, accident, Medical emergency, Flight missed /cancelled, Baggage / Passport lost; especially when in alien country.

Health Cover

In the recent times, Health concerns and related losses on mental peace and finances bother all. We always park a significant savings for unforeseen ‘major ailments and disease’ and still feel insecure of the inevitable. Medical expenses are life saving...

Home Insurance

Dream home is the most precious to us and family. We spend fortune in the Structure and Interiors to provide best protection and comfort to self and family. An untoward incident can suddenly deprive us of those. It is worth...

Comprehensive and Consolidated Protection

Keeping your Finances Healthy

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ISAPL is an established organization which provides Air Medical Transportation Services

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